Mother’s Day

I love my children!

Getting the two boys to both look at a camera is dang near impossible.

I figured I’d just start with that in case there was any confusion. Of course I love my children, but I am totally at the point where Mother’s Day needs to be a day off. A day of not managing every waking moment of the two kids that call me mom. A day to do anything or nothing and have zero guilt about it. As they get a little older, currently 5 and 7, I do get chunks of time during the days where they are in someone else’s hands, but generally that time is still spent mommin’ in some capacity. But NOT Mother’s Day!

Today we got up early, went to breakfast then church and then, I was out! I did run one errand, but it was probably okay since it was exchanging shoes for myself. Then I went to a movie in the theatre by myself. If you aren’t sure that you’d like it, I highly encourage you to try it. I now love going to movies alone. I ate some stuff that are currently off limits for me. Then I came home and guess what I did?! I watched another movie. I’ve window shopped online. Farted around on Facebook. Basically I have accomplished nothing today. And it’s glorious.

But, tomorrow is Monday and we’ll be back to life as usual. Which is totally okay, my life is really not too shabby. But I will continue to enjoy my day off this way until the tides shift and I’m sad that my kids don’t need or want me all the time. Then I will pull a switch-a-roo on them and require Mother’s Day to be a day they spend with me. It’s Mother’s Day, it will be whatever I want it to be!

I threw away fries!

That’s right! I threw away fries today, and it wasn’t even the first time! I will say that it is a fairly new activity though. See I am in process of breaking bad habits to work on becoming a healthier version of myself. Which means, I have to stop finishing food that my kids don’t eat and be more intentional about what I feed myself.

I know, it might be a little cruel to post a picture of crispy, seasoned fries if you, like me, are trying to avoid them.

The fun part is, it becomes easier. The first time I had to make the choice it was a little tough, I’m not going to lie. But…the second time was easier and the third, no biggie. So I feel like this is true of lots of tough stuff in our lives. We just have to have the courage to do the hard thing once. You don’t have to think about having the courage to make the complete change, just this one choice at this one time. Thanks fries for reminding me that I can do hard things once choice at a time.